Kim Roycroft


About me

Kim is a Licensed Real Estate & Business Agent and brings order and method to the chaos of our sales office. He heads up both the business management, account management and property management areas of our firm.

A very good networker himself, he also manages several listing and sales a year, as well his other major role in the business.

Kim has lived and worked in Nannup for over 25 years and is known for his dry Irish sense of humour, his ready smile and willingness to stop in the street for a chat.

Behind that great Irish smile is a canny and clever business mind trained from years of being in business together with his wife Chris. Kim was a very well known fine furniture maker both in England and in the South West before he succumbed to his wife’s pleas to come and help her run her new business in real estate.

Reliable as always he dusted off his workshop clothes put on his office gear and went to work to help Chris build up her business and there he has stayed helping in whatever has been required since the business opened in 2010. Having initially helped mainly in sales his true management abilities came to the fore of steering the business side of the ship while Chris concentrated on her talent in sales. With a good head for property management he has built up a great property management portfolio being very aware of Landlords and Tenants needs. Quietly forever working in the background he has brought stability and some great out of the box ideas right across all areas of the business.

He has dedicated years to community services having spent 16 years in the voluntary ambulance service, being a member of the Lions helped cook hundreds of breakfasts, served on the Nannup Tourist Board and is a member of the East Nannup Bush Fire Brigade. He is also always willing to lend a ready hand to set up and set down art festivals, music festivals, organise camping whatever and whenever the town needs help etc.
Definitely, a country kind of a bloke.