Reharni Puckey


About me

Reharni, even though she is our youngest member of staff, brings to Nannup Real Estate the voice of reason and an unprecedented ability to get through an enormous and varied workload without turning a hair. She is absolutely our go-to-person for everything and everyone… the office probably could not operate without her.

Having started in the mixed role of Assistant Property Manager she found herself constantly being asked to use her more creative talents to prepare the firm’s advertising copy and photos, listing properties on the internet and of course Facebook, Instagram etc. Having started in Property Management she completed her training as a registered Property Manager but felt that her calling was elsewhere and everyone in the office agreed.

So she is now the complete go-to-person for all our sales staff and all their needs, and their needs are many and varied. Her creative work includes all our artwork, newsletters, advertising and this year she put together our much loved Nannup Calendar 2017 and has done a fabulous job of it too.